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Developing New Ideas for Success

Everyone feels great when they come up with a fresh, new idea. However, with so many products and services currently out there, it can be hard to compete. So, you have a wonderful idea. How do you know if there’s a market for it?

Uniqueness is key. People flock to new ideas like bees to heavily-pollenated flowers. It’s all about being different, whether creating something brand-new or capitalizing on the improvement of an existing idea. The problem is, not every concept will appeal to every person, so it’s important to hold off on promotion and advertising until some heavy-duty research has been completed.

The research stage is tedious and time-consuming, but a crucial part of properly executing an idea. Take small kitchen gadgets, for example. Let’s assume that you have a great idea for a new type of can opener that can outperform any of the competition. Before you invest thousands (or more) of dollars in designs and prototypes, you first need to ensure that people will show an interest in it – and buy it.

Compiling research is not always easy, so it might be a good idea to hire someone else to do their dirty work. There are professional research firms that assemble data and provide charts, graphs, and written summaries of their findings. This is a great way to check for an audience and determine the likelihood of your success.

Finding an audience is another crucial component to a winning idea. Share your idea with friends and family and ask them for an honest response. If you have trouble obtaining sincere answers, conducting an online poll can be extremely helpful. This works best if you already have a website in place that provides information about your idea, since you can place ads online and in newspapers that point back to your site. On the website, place a poll that allows people to give feedback.

For ideas that are likely to become quite expensive, it is necessary to find others who are interested. How many times have you seen an infomercial for a “great” idea that really wasn’t so great? I’m sure the inventor thought it was wonderful, investing time and money that may never be compensated. You don’t want to be that person.

If your new idea involves a tangible product, it might be a little easier to work with if you create a sample version. Ask people to try your product and allow them a way to provide anonymous feedback. In person, most people will tell you it’s an amazing idea, even if it’s not. When ideas are non-material in nature, the process may require some extra elbow grease.

Either way, you must know your audience and attempt to seek guidance from successful individuals who have already endured it all. Let’s say you have developed a list of catchy slogans that is now collecting dust on your desk – because you don’t know what to do with it. Call a local ad agency and ask questions. Work within your industry.

When all else fails, the Internet will guide you every step of the way. Almost everything can be sold online, from slogans to furniture to poems. Your idea has a niche somewhere; the key to your success is finding it.

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